The Conjur API allows you tremendous flexibility to control and manipulate your Conjur software. The official REST API documentation can be found here.

CLI Client Reference

The CLI Client implements the REST API, providing an alternate interface for managing Conjur resources, including roles, privileges, policy, and secrets. You can start a CLI client session as a container local to the Conjur appliance, or remotely on a workstation.

For details on how to install the CLI Client, see CLI Client Setup.

This section in the documentation describes the CLI Client help documentation.


We provide the following API libraries to help integrate Conjur into your development environments.

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Inject Secrets

Summon is a separate Open Source utility offered by CyberArk Conjur. Summon provides an interface for fetching secrets from a variety of trusted stores and exporting the secret values as environment variables to a sub-process environment.

Summon prevents secrets from being exposed by removing the need to store them directly in source code. You can leverage this advantage in your Conjur projects by using the Summon Conjur provider.

Summon includes other providers in addition to the Conjur provider, including AWS S3, AWS Secrets Manager.

Installation and Information
See the Summon GitHub repo for installation instructions. Additional information, including a list of secret providers can be found on the Summon website.

Secretless Broker

The Secretless Broker enables applications to connect securely to services and other resources – without ever having to fetch or manage secrets. Both Application Access Manager and Conjur Open Source offer the Secretless Broker capability to application developers.

The Secretless Broker page describes the feature in more detail.