We are working to set a new standard for how development, security, and operations teams communicate with each other. We want applications to be safe from breaches, and we want developers to be confident that they can code safely and deliver value fast without adding the risk of being hacked.

We do this by leveraging the deep security experience of the CyberArk organization while adhering to best-practice DevOps principles, and redefining how teams of engineers and security professionals work together. We are at the forefront of setting best practices for application security, from when code is first committed to when it is deployed to production. Join our team and help us change the industry!

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Why Work at Conjur?

If you're someone who wants to make software safer for everyone, then the Conjur team at CyberArk should be on your shortlist. We are leading the DevOps industry to a safer, more secure future – and you can join us in that mission.

We're a fast-growing team, thanks to the increasing success of our product: the Conjur appliance secures the entire software and CI/CD lifecycle for companies that want to ship features as fast as possible without increasing their risk of security breaches.

Conjur's product does this by seamlessly identifying machines, devices, applications, and people, and then securely managing all the sensitive data like passwords and API keys that they need to operate.

Conjur Engineering

Conjur Engineering is a place where engineers love to practice their craft.

We try our best to make our working environment as engineer-friendly as possible. Even though we are a high-velocity team, we don't crush ourselves with endless hours of work. We want engineers here to still have time to think, create, and innovate. We are technicians who care about the quality of our work, our tools, technical debt, the diversity of our industry, and each other. Engineers succeed at Conjur if they care about the same things.

We are a remote-first team, and our workflows are built around helping remote workers be successful. We work hard to foster a collaborative environment where pair programming is common. The team is active on Slack but regularly turns it off to focus. We write code that is well-documented, and we have regular team tech talks so that we can continue to share the knowledge we acquire individually with the team at large.

The management team cares about our success as individuals. At our regular 1:1 meetings we only discuss professional development and goals, and our managers help us make them happen. We want to enable our engineers to grow and learn, in whatever way makes sense for them.

Our development team is broken up into small 2-3 person squads that are focused on a specific project and are responsible for organizing their own daily standups and backlog. We use Kanban to limit work in progress, prevent context switching, and reduce queues. This helps us maintain a healthy flow of output.

If you're comfortable with working in a highly collaborative environment, if you love learning about new technologies, if you are excited about working within an open source community, if you are good at communicating your ideas (especially to a variety of audiences), and if you enjoy receiving feedback on your work, then this is the place for you. And we'd love to have you here.


Experience Driven


Experience Assurance

We practice Experience Driven Development (XDD), a technique we've pioneered that helps our underlying agile process focus more clearly on the product experiences we want to deliver to our users.

We also also practice Experience Assurance (XA) to ensure that we have truly built the right experience for our users.

A bad experience is worse than a bad bug. Users who are already using a product that normally delivers a great experience will be forgiving of some bugs, but if you don't create an excellent experience, you won't get many users in the first place. And the users you do get will have a very low tolerance for product issues.

And that's why we don't just "develop features". Rather, we strive to create rich experiences for all our different user personas.

Applying XDD and XA involves:

  1. Creating a shared understanding of the desired experience as the first step
  2. Constantly gathering feedback from target personas
  3. Always building end-to-end first
  4. Shipping only when the desired experience has been achieved
  5. Making user feedback available to everyone
  6. Shipping real software to get the most valuable feedback of all

Without the experience focus that XDD and XA gives us, an agile system can frequently lead to bad experiences being created for our product's users. Adding features each sprint doesn't guarantee a good experience and can lead to the sprint becoming the focus of the team, and the user experience taking a back seat. Focusing on the experience and using agile methods to deliver that is what's at the heart of XDD and XA.

Come talk to us about XDD and XA! There's so much more to them than is listed here, and we'd love to hear your opinions on them.

We're looking for passionate engineers who:

  • Care deeply about crafting delightful user experiences
  • Want to learn something new every single day
  • Are happier delivering rather than tinkering
  • Value writing clear and well documented code
  • Favor rapid feedback cycles over a desire to get things "perfect"
  • Build automated tests without breaking into sweat at the thought

We give bonus points for engineers who know how to write secure web applications and instinctively protect their code against the top OWASP vulnerabilities. We're a security-focused company, so you can probably understand why we care about that. But if you've never worked in the security world before, we'll make sure you get any training and mentoring you need, and we know you'll end up loving it.

Most importantly, we want to hire engineers who have a burning passion to build, improve, learn, and have fun while doing so.


Interviewing with the Conjur team is fun! We love meeting fellow technologists and geeking out. We're very friendly and make lots of awful jokes.

After reviewing your application, the first step in your interview process is a video call or phone chat with a member of the engineering staff.. If that goes well, we'll schedule a longer interview with multiple team members.

The Team Interview

The team interview will begin with you walking us through a project you had built before (if it's relevant to this position) or with you showing off a small homework assignment that you complete. The team will ask questions about your design choices and the work that you did, and then we break out into smaller meetings with you and a couple of team members at a time.

And since it will never be part of your daily duties here, we will never ask you to reverse a linked list on a whiteboard.

In the smaller team sessions, the team will ask you about your experience and skills. But more importantly, you'll get the chance to ask the team questions that you have about what it's like to work on the Conjur team at CyberArk. These sessions are a great opportunity to chat about tech, developer workflows, and dev tools with the Conjur engineers – we often end up having memorable conversations!

During the application process, you'll get a sense of what it's like to be a member of our team. If you're ready to get started, check out our open positions now.