Calling all UI Ninjas...

Our engineering team is insanely high-quality and growing rapidly. Why should you care? Because we care a crapload about engineer happiness. And we mean that in the way that matters. We don’t want our team working late nights and weekends. We want them to be free to enjoy life. We don’t want them crushed with zero headroom. We want capacity for them to invent and innovate.

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A Puzzle is Worth A Thousand Kudos

We're changing the status quo to decrease typical interview fluff. So if you want to apply to any of current openings (below), dive in now to solve this puzzle. You'll get a feeling for some of the areas we work in, it won't take you very long, and you'll enjoy it. After completing the puzzle, details for next steps will magically appear. See you on the other side!

Some good stuff to include:
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Why Conjur?

If you're an engineer who loves creating wonderful experiences for your users, interacting with fellow nerds, and working in a startup, Conjur should be on your shortlist.

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What we do

We're a fast-growing tech startup, thanks to the increasing success of our product: the Conjur appliance secures the entire software development and deployment lifecycle for companies who want to ship features as fast as possible without increasing their risk of security breaches.


It does this by identifying people, machines, and applications - and then securely managing all the sensitive data like passwords and API keys that they need to operate.

How we work

We make our working environment as engineer-friendly as possible. Even though startup life is fast-paced, we don't crush ourselves with endless hours of work. We want engineers to have time to think, create, and innovate. We care about our craft, our tools, technical debt, the diversity of our industry, and each other.

Where we work

We're headquartered in Newton, MA. We would prefer to hire someone local who can work from our office, but if you're a remote applicant and you really want to be considered, you might be able to convince us.


Helping to conceive, design, build, and test our next-generation web UI.

That's a short sentence, but a lot of responsibility. You'll truly be helping to shape the future of our product.



We practice Experience-Driven Development (XDD), a technique we've pioneered that helps our underlying agile process focus more clearly on the product experiences we want to deliver to our users.

We strive to create lovable products that are more than just a bunch of stories that someone happened to decide to package up and ship.

We're Looking For Engineers who:

  • care deeply about crafting delightful user experiences
  • love having reliable, trusted tools at their disposal
  • enjoy working in a Lean environment
  • favor rapid feedback cycles over a desire to get things "perfect"
  • build automated UI tests without breaking into sweat at the thought
  • can thrive in a startup


This position requires a lot of experience in Rails. If you don't like rapidly building web apps in Rails, this probably is not the position for you. We assume that the candidate is very comfortable with CSS3, HTML5, CSS preprocessors, and ES6.

We'd also love

Things that would be really nice for the candidate to have? GraphQL, React, Redux, Relay, Fluxxor, Webpack, Bootstrap, Jest, D3, Jumperoo, Cucumber, and Docker. OK, one of those is admittedly fake, and if you spotted it immediately then that's a very good sign.

Bonus points

Bonus points for engineers who know how to write secure web applications and instinctively protect their code against the top OWASP vulnerabilities. We're a security-focused company, so you can probably understand why we care about that.


Interviewing at Conjur is fun! We love meeting fellow technologists and geeking out. We're very friendly and make lots of awful jokes.

Interviewing will involve a phone call or hangout, then an in-person interview. Importantly, we only hire people who show that they can actually deliver quality software, so you can choose to either work on a small homework assignment and wow us with the results, or proudly walk us through a project that you had built before (and is relevant to this position, of course!).